Post Tension Sign Stamped in Garage Floor

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What Does Post Tension Sign Stamped in Garage Floor Mean?

There are three categories for most concrete garage floors:

1. A concrete slab with no reinforcement in it.
2. A concrete slab with steel rebar in it.
3. A concrete slab with steel reinforced cables in it. 

Concrete slabs that have steel reinforced cables in them are referred to as “Post Tension Slabs”. The steel reinforced cables are usually wrapped in a plastic coating and have been pulled extremely tight with a hydraulic jack. They run both directions in the slab.

There are a couple of basic advantages for a post tension slab. It greatly reduces cracking of the concrete, but it doesn’t eliminate it. Also, it helps spread the load of the home over the entire slab area verses just on the footing area.

Post tension reinforced concrete slabs can often be identified by a sign stamped in the concrete garage floor or by a plastic warning sign placed on the garage wall. The reason for the warning sign is to alert the owner not to cut or drill into the concrete without having a professional contractor do the cutting or drilling – it’s a safety thing, because if one cuts a post tension cable, it may whip upward and injure the person.