Maintaining Your Home’s Systems

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Air Conditioning System:

  • Check your A/C’s filters at the end of every month, clean or replace as needed.
  • Perform your A/C’s annual system maintenance service during the spring to avoid the busy summer season.
  • Keep the condensing unit free of debris.
  • Trim shrubs and plants near the condensing unit to ensure proper airflow and circulation.
  • Check your condensing unit’s fins to see if they are bent. If so, you can find replacements at your local hardware store.
  • Listen for abnormal noises in the starting and standard operation of you’re A/C.


Heating System:

  • Check your furnace filters every month, clean or replace as needed.
  • Smell around the appliance for gas odors.
  • Visually inspect exhaust vent for rust, damage or deterioration.
  • Inspect the fan belt for cracking or fraying.
  • Have annual system maintenance service performed during the fall to avoid the busy winter season.
  • Become familiar with normal operation sound.

Electrical System:

  • Before working with wires or electrical connections, check them with a voltage tester to be sure they are dead.
  • Leave a warning message that you are working on the circuit at the service panel, and tape the circuit breaker in the off position. With a fuse box, take the fuse out.
  • Plumbing and gas piped are often used to ground electrical systems. Never touch them while working with electricity.
  • Don’t use metal ladders with overhead electricity.

Plumbing System:

  • Toilet paper should be the only paper product flushed down a toilet.
  • Maintain water softener according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Water filters and ice maker filters should be changed according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Drain water heater tank to remove sediment according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Treat drains once a month to prevent clogs whether it seems like they need it or not.
  • Locate your main water shut-off valve, ensure it is in working condition and know how to shut it off.